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COVID-19 Information and Resources for Members

The nature of COVID-19 has forced our organizations to become versatile and adaptive to the rapidly changing environment around us. During this challenging time, we want to make sure that our members are connected and informed about product and service enhancements/changes that are relevant to you.

Please take a moment to review these important updates previously communicated:

September 21, 2020: Email Apply Today: JNE Recovery Grant Program
September 15, 2020: Email Announcing the FHLBank Boston JNE Recovery Grant Program - for insurance members
September 14, 2020: Email Announcing the FHLBank Boston JNE Recovery Grant Program
August 28, 2020 Email New Flexibility for MPF® Traditional COVID-19 Related Forbearance and Deferment
June 3, 2020 Email Community Development Advances Available for COVID-19 Relief
May 20, 2020 Email Deferment Option for MPF® Traditional Conventional Loans
May 8, 2020 Email MPF® Program COVID-19 Disaster Relief Update
May 3, 2020 Email Reminder: Jobs for New England Working Capital Lending Program Opens May 4
April 29, 2020: Email COVID-19 Relief: Jobs for New England Working Capital Lending Program
April 24, 2020: Email FHFA Guidance: Paycheck Protection Program Loans
April 17, 2020: Email MPF® Program Forbearance Reporting
April 9, 2020: Email Subordination of PPP Loans to the Federal Reserve
April 1, 2020: Email MPF® Program Disaster Relief Temporary Policy Changes & Updates
April 1, 2020: Email EBP & HOW Disclosure Changes Due to COVID-19
March 27, 2020: Email COVID-19 member update
March 26, 2020: Email Collateral update
March 24, 2020: Email How collateral policies apply to loans that are granted COVID-19 related forbearance or loan modifications
March 24, 2020: Email Temporary adjustments to the Equity Builder (EBP) and Housing Our Workforce (HOW) programs
March 20, 2020: Email Mortgage Partnership Finance® (MPF®) Program announced disaster relief policy
March 13, 2020: Email COVID-19 member announcement, which includes cancellation of events notice
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