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A Message from FHLBank Boston Leaders About Racial Injustice and Recent Events

The inexplicable deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and others who have been killed or harmed due to the color of their skin, have generated understandable anger and protests in many cities around our country, and across the world. The impact of these events has now been felt in our city of Boston.

Many of you saw the protests on May 31 in Boston as thousands of people took to the streets to effect awareness and change, and to have their voices heard. Understandably, there is a great amount of pain and despair among many who have been unfairly treated for generations. We fully support their right to protest and seek change.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the protests have turned into vandalism, looting, violence, and destruction of property in areas throughout the country, including downtown Boston. This senseless behavior detracts from the message of the peaceful protesters, and further injures some of those most suffering. It was disheartening to watch as our city and businesses, already struggling from the economic hardship caused by COVID-19, were damaged.

Racism is inherently wrong. It should make us angry. As a country, we can and should do better. We need to speak out against this terrible form of injustice. The US Catholic Bishops recently said: "People of good conscience must never turn a blind eye when citizens are being deprived of their human dignity and even their lives. Indifference is not an option." They are right.

Twenty-four of the Bank's officers convened virtually for our annual strategic planning meeting on June 1. We started the meeting with a discussion of the injustices described above, and the events of May 31 in Boston. Several individuals shared stories of their own experiences with racism and/or being mistreated by law enforcement in our city. There was a consensus that serious injustices exist and need to be corrected.

We're hopeful that as a community, while observing and acknowledging the pain and trauma of so many in recent days for whom this has been a multi-generational injustice, we can help to engender peaceful awareness and justice to create a better tomorrow for all in our city, country and world.


Ed Hjerpe
President and CEO

Barry Gale
Chief Human Resources and OMWI Officer