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Supported Housing for Women in Lawrence

Fina House

In 2005, the YWCA of Greater Lawrence opened Fina House, a home for teen mothers, homeless women recovering from domestic violence, and very low-income individuals and families.

The recipient of a $169,634 grant and a $900,000 subsidized advance from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston’s Affordable Housing Program (AHP), Fina House is now home for the YWCA’s Teen Living Program and Oasis Project. Before the opening of Fina House last year, the programs were housed in separate rental properties in Lawrence.

“We felt that both of those programs could be enhanced from both a fiscal and programmatic perspective if we could put them both under one roof,” says Mary O’Brien, deputy director of the YWCA of Greater Lawrence. “Our goals were to enhance our residential programming as well as increase permanent housing in the city.”

Built on an empty lot not far from the YWCA’s main site in downtown Lawrence, Fina House includes eight supported apartments for adolescent mothers and their children, nine supported apartments for families made homeless as a result of domestic abuse, and seven permanent apartments for very low-income individuals or families.

In this multimedia AHP housing profile, the developer, member banker, and residents provide insight into the development and operation of this valuable new housing resource in Lawrence.