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Participating Developers – 2011

Listed below are the participating developers for the 2011 competition.

Asian Community Development Corporation

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: Parcel R-1 (on Tyler and Hudson Streets in Chinatown), Boston, Massachusetts.

Description/Goals:  Parcel R-1 is owned by the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) and located on Tyler and Hudson Streets, adjacent to the Chinese Christian Church property on Harvard Street. The site is leased to Tufts University for employee parking. Parcel R-1 is the former site of the South Cove/YMCA. The site is zoned for housing with Tufts holding an option to develop the site. Currently Tufts has no immediate plans for development and the lease for Parcel R-1 will expire in 2011. The Chinatown Master Plan 2010 identifies R-1 as one of five publicly owned potential future housing sites for the neighborhood.

Status: The site is currently owned by the BRA.

Cambridge Housing Authority

Organization Type: Housing Authority

Potential Site: Jefferson Park on One Jackson Place, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Description/Goals: Jefferson Park is 109 unis of family housing in a state-funded public housing project owned and operated by the Cambridge Housing Authority. The property is located on Rindge Avenue in North Cambridge, near Alewife Brook Parkway. Built in 1950, the four three-story buildings have come to the end of their useful life. The redevelopment will utilize mixed-financing and involve the demolition of the existing buildings.

Status: The Cambridge Housing Authority owns and operates the site as public housing.

Caritas Communities

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: 48-unit lodging house in Boston (Bay Village/South End).

Description/Goals: The project is a 48-unit lodging house in the Bay Village neighborhood of Boston. The property was last renovated over 15 years ago. Many of the rooms are extremely small and therefore difficult to rent even to homeless individuals. We are looking for design ideas and help on a potential reconfiguration of the property, including adding bathrooms to rooms that currently share a bath. This is an interesting opportunity to look creatively at reconfiguring very small living areas. The current residents are extremely low-income individuals, many of whom have been homeless.

Status: Caritas Communities owns and operates the site.

Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly (JCHE)

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: 11,000-square-foot site owned by the BRA, adjacent to the JCHE campus in Brighton, Massachusetts.

Description/Goals: JCHE currently owns three contiguous parcels known as 28, 30, and 40 Wallingford Road in Brighton. Each building contains over 200 units. The average age of our tenants in these buildings is over 80 and the average income under $10,000. The buildings are interconnected so tenants share common areas within the complex, including a program center, auditorium, dining room, social room, computer room, three-language library, art room, resale shop, fitness center, beauty parlor, and tenant store. The buildings are currently home to over 1,000 tenants.

Immediately adjacent to our site site is a roughly 11,000-square-foot site owned by the BRA. In the past, we have leased the site from the BRA to provide an area to stage construction projects on our campus.  We would like to explore the possibility of building a 50-unit affordable, elderly building that could be integrated into our existing campus. The BRA site would be the major parcel, but we currently have a small parking lot adjacent to the BRA lot that could be incorporated. The abutters to the BRA parcel are a City of Boston Fire house and a Boston Housing Authority senior apartment building. We are hoping to make the project as 'green' as possible so we can see how various new technologies work with an older tenant population.

Status: Land is currently owned by the BRA.

Metro West Collaborative Developers

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: Cooper Lane, a vacant three-acre lot in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Description/Goals: Cooper Lane is a vacant and contaminated three-acre lot in downtown Waltham, abutting the Charles River and behind a municipal parking lot that is no longer adequate to handle the parking demands of the Moody Street businesses. The site presents a great opportunity to create affordable housing, extend the Department of Conservation and Recreation's (DCR ) Charles Riverwalk and provide public parking.

Status: The property is privately owned and on the market. MWCD is assessing whether a feasible project could be developed there.

Olneyville Housing Corporation

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: Former St. Teresa's Church in Providence, Rhode Island

Description/Goals: OHC is in the early process of determining a future housing/community use for the former St. Teresa's Church. The Church, which closed three years ago, occupies a critical physical and social place in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence. OHC is developing several adjacent sites. The Church has entered into an agreement with OHC to evaluate feasibility for reuse.

Status: Church has entered into an agreement with OHC to evaluate feasibility for reuse.

Somerville Community Corporation

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: Historic fire station with a community center (which is in disrepair) and a large auto-repair center in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Description/Goals: The city-owned site, for which an RFP will be issued in the next few months, is located along a main street in East Somerville and in walking distance to the Sullivan T station. It currently contains a historic fire station that houses a community center (which is in disrepair) and a large auto repair center (which would be demolished). The city, which recently rezoned the area to allow for higher density, intends to build a new park behind the site and improve the streetscape and sidewalks along the front. It views redevelopment of the site as an important part of its efforts to improve the Broadway corridor. The 21,000-square-foot site will allow construction of over 30 units of housing as well as retail/commercial space. As part of the redevelopment, the city will require construction of a community center and preservation of the fire station's historic exterior and other historic elements.

Status: The City currently owns the site and plans to go out for RFP in winter/spring 2011.

Viet-Aid, Inc.

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: Former Fields Corner Public Library in Boston, Massachusetts.

Description/Goals: Viet-AID seeks a development team to redevelop the Fields Corner Public Library into a mixed-use development that will include new library space on the ground floor and residential units on the upper floors. The integration of uses on the existing one-story site maximizes public land to build additional affordable housing units and rebuilds a community asset (the library). The site is transit-oriented and located in a small area where there has been both public and private investment in housing development. Successful completion could serve as a model for the rest of the one-story libraries in the City of Boston.

Status: The Fields Corner Public Library is currently operating and owned by the City of Boston.


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