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Participating Developers – 2012

Listed below are the participating developers for the 2012 competition.

Architectural Heritage Foundation

Organization Type: For profit

Potential Site: Historic redevelopment of 19th century industrial mill in Lowell, MA.

Development/Goals: Project involves the historic redevelopment of a 100,000-square-foot historic mill space in the JAM District of downtown Lowell. Conversion may include mixed-income, rental housing. The building is located on Jackson Street in Lowell, Massachusetts. The project was originally intended as market-rate rental with conversion to home ownership after five years, which is consistent with Lowell's economic-development objectives. Market changes require repositioning and financing requires rental.

Status: AHF owns the building.

Asian CDC

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: Large-scale infill development in the New York Streets area of Boston, Massachusetts.

Development/Goals: Large Scale infill development in the New York Streets area of Boston. Site includes four parcels with frontage on three streets (Shawmut Avenue, Washington Street, and Herald Street). Parcels consist of approximately 78,900 square feet of land. The site includes three buildings: a former Roman Catholic church (now closed), a grocery store, and a functioning nursing home (nursing home is scheduled to relocate within three years).

Status: The single vacant parcel is publicly owned (Boston Redevelopment Authority).

Carribbean Integration Community, Inc.

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: 48 Geneva Avenue, Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Development/Goals: The proposed project is still in the early stage. The potential site is 48 Geneva Ave, Dorchester, Massachusetts. The 23,370-square-foot site will allow a development of over 45 units of housing. The complex will include a program center, an auditorium/social room/training room, a Caribbean library, and an art room. The City of Boston will be issuing an RFP to develop this city-owned site.

Status: The site is currently owned by the City of Boston.

Holyoke Housing Authority

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: Redevelopment of 5.5-acre parcel in downtown Holyoke one block from City Hall. The site has 167 affordable housing units constructed in 1939.

Development/Goals: The project will explore reuse options for the parcel, including potential demolition, rehabilitation or redevelopment of the property. The development is fully occupied and owned by the Holyoke Housing Authority. A HUD demolition application and an RFP for developer services will be distributed shortly.

Status: The Holyoke Housing Authority currently owns and operates the site.

North Shore Community Development Coalition

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: Two vacant parcels in Salem, Massachusetts.

Development/Goals: The North Shore CDC proposal is to redevelop three underutilized parcels of land in the City of Salem. These parcels are unique because they contain a total of 1.24 acres, respresenting one of the few large tracts of undeveloped land in the city. One of the parcels is located on a major street in the Salem Point neighborhood. The conversion from a surface parking lot with minimal public benefit to a well-thought-out development with landscaping, residence and good lighting would be a tremendous addition to the curb appeal and economic revitalization efforts in this low-income neighborhood.

Status: This project is in the pre-development stage.


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