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Participating Developers – 2014

Listed below are the participating developers for the 2014 competition.

Asian Community Development Corporation

Contact: Angie Liou Office Phone icon 617-482-2380

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: 50 Herald Street, Boston, MA

Description: In 1983, when Tufts planned to expand its medical facilities in Chinatown, as a community benefit, it purchased 50 Herald St. from the City of Boston and deeded the site to the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA), which had planned to redevelop the site into housing. To date, this site has been leased by a Chinese supermarket, and it is unclear when CCBA intends to actively redevelop the site as affordable housing. The site, facing Chinatown just across the turnpike, holds potential for mixed-income, mixed-use developments.

Status: CCBA has owned the site since the mid-1980s and has leased it to various Chinese supermarkets since. At the prompting of the Attorney General's office in mid-2013, CCBA invited the developer to present a mixed-use development concept.

Lawrence Community Works

Contact: Lisa Kozol Office Phone icon 1-978-722-2618

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: Lawrence, MA

Description: In response to an eight-month neighborhood planning process, Lawrence Community Works has made it a priority to resume its redevelopment work in the North Common Neighborhood of Lawrence, Massachusetts. LCW has begun the process of acquiring vacant properties that will ultimately be part of a scattered-site rental project. LCW has identified three vacant lots whose size ranges from 8,000 square feet to 11,000 square feet. The vacant lots are located in residential areas and two are on prominent corners in the neighborhood. These lots are currently used for parking by residents in the neighborhood. Our challenge is to maximize the amount of housing we can build while providing parking for residents of the housing and abutters of these sites.

Status: LCW does not yet have site control of these lots. We expect to purchase one lot this spring; the other two lots are on a longer schedule because they are tied up in Land Court until the tax-taking process is complete.

Caribbean Integration CDC

Contact: Donald Alexis Office Phone icon 617-792-1245

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: 820 Cummings Highway and 30-32 Regis Rd., Mattapan, MA

Description: The proposal calls for the redevelopment of two infill vacant lots — on 820 Cummings Highway and 30-32 Regis Road in Mattapan. These sites formerly housed a Ford dealership and maintenance facility. The proposal is for a mixed-use project that incorporates affordable housing with space to foster greater cross-cultural community integration. The new development will combine ground floor commercial/retail space with up to 55 residential units serving families, seniors, and homeless adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The redevelopment will contribute to the revitalization of the Mattapan community by leveraging the existing area’s positive attributes.

Status: In Community review and discussion with stakeholders.

Urban Edge

Contact: Jeremy Wilkening Office Phone icon 617-989-9313

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: Egleston Square, Roxbury, MA

Description: The site is a vacant parcel of 10,871 square feet in the Egleston Square neighborhood of Roxbury — a predominantly minority low-income neighborhood that is starting to see gentrification. Preliminary study shows that the site can house 20-26 affordable family units. Urban Edge intends to develop affordable rental and is exploring the possibility of financing without nine percent credits.

Status: Urban Edge has made an offer on the parcel and is in negotiations to acquire it.

South Boston NDC

Contact: Donna Brown Office Phone icon 617-268-9610

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: O'Connor Way, South Boston, MA

Description: This site is appropriate for approximately 30 units of affordable elderly or family rental housing. The site is a vacant, under-utilized corner parcel in South Boston that contains approximately 15,000 square feet. This is a TOD site located within the Boston Housing Authority's Mary Ellen McCormack public housing development.

Status: The Boston Housing Authority has indicated a willingness to issue a RFP for the site for affordable housing. The site is in the conceptual phase of development.

Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly

Contact: Tabetha McCartney Office Phone icon 617-912-8483

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: 160R Stanton St., Newton, MA

Description: JCHE is a non-profit developer, owner and manager of affordable housing for the elderly with a portfolio of 1,200 rental units in Boston, Newton, and Framingham. JCHE has an exciting opportunity to develop a new building on a city-owned parcel adjacent to its Golda Meir House in Newton. The development site, 160R Stanton St, is 16,900 square feet. The site is located at the rear of the Golda Meir House parking lot. It has no frontage on Stanton Ave. or any other public way. The abutters are JCHE and the Brae Burn Country Club. There is an easement across the Brae Burn parcel that has allowed the City to access the site and water tower through a narrow dirt road, though for all intents and purposes the parcel is currently landlocked.

This project is a compact, transit-oriented site that offers neighborhood integration and more extensive income-tiering of rents. While the project would most likely be a separate, standalone legal entity, tenants of the building would be able to use services and facilities in the existing Golda Meir House, allowing JCHE to provide a level of service that would be virtually impossible to provide for a standalone new building on a site of this size.

Status: JCHE has had very preliminary discussion with the City of Newton. The water tower on the site is no longer used by the city; the parcel is landlocked by our parking lot.

The Community Builders, Inc.

Contact: James Madden Office Phone icon 857-221-8672

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Potential Site: Jackson Square, Boston, MA

Description: Site 3 is a future phase of the Jackson Square redevelopment in Boston. It is a TOD site adjacent to the Orange Line and a future phase of a major redevelopment. It will provide opportunities for mixed-income, mixed-use development.

Status: Site 3 is at the early stages of planning and will follow on transformative work completed by JPNDC at 270 Centre, TCB at 225 Centre, and Urban Edge at Jackson Commons.


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