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The Proposal – Submission Requirements

Affordability: For the purposes of the competition, at least 40 percent of the units should be set aside for households earning no more than 60 percent of the area median income as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (see What is Affordable Housing?).

Teams can order these elements however they see fit within their proposal. Please see prior proposals as examples. For a deeper understanding of how judges will evaluate these items, refer to the judging criteria.

Each Proposal Must Include:

  • A list of the team members and the faculty advisor.

  • The name and a description of the development sponsor.

  • An executive summary of the proposal, beginning with a paragraph highlighting the type of development, location, number of units, targeted population and key features of the proposal. See an example of this summary paragraph. As part of this executive summary, include a one-page (maximum) table that lists as bullet points the significant elements in which your proposal meets each of the six judging criteria.

  • Please also include a one-page graphic representation of your proposed development (for example, building elevation, rendering, site plan, or another image of your choosing). Together, these summaries will provide a useful framework for the judges to understand and visualize your proposal.

  • A description of the physical setting of the development.

  • A description of the social setting of the development.

  • A description of the goals of the development and the residents to be served.

  • A community outreach plan.

  • A graphic representation of the development, including its setting and the design of the building(s) and individual units. Your team's design mentor should be a great resource for this graphic representation.

  • A funding plan and 15-year pro forma.

  • A development timeline.

  • A description of the environmental impact of the proposed development, including the materials used, energy used, and pollutants produced.

  • A description of the "smart growth" aspects of the proposed development. (The Smart Growth Network is a highly recommended reference.)

  • The team's opinion regarding the optimal density for the site and the financial, social, and design implications of the chosen density. Please describe any constraints that would limit developing to the optimal density and strategies for dealing with existing constraints.

  • A description of any training or social services to be provided to residents.

  • A description of the period of projected affordability and the mechanisms designed to preserve the units as affordable over the time period identified.

  • A description of any contribution made to the community other than the provision of affordable housing.

  • A description of any innovative aspects of the plan.

File Submission Guidelines:
Submit your proposal as a PDF file. See specifications below.

  • Page size: letter or legal
  • 0.5" white margin
  • 50 pages maximum
  • 20MB maximum file size


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