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AHP Application Training - Montpelier, VT

AHP Application Training
Montpelier, Vermont

Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston is offering an Affordable Housing Program application training session at the Capitol Plaza Hotel & Conference Center in Montpelier, Vermont. The training is offered for our housing partners, developers, members, and other stakeholders interested in applying for funding in the upcoming 2019 AHP funding round. At the training, we will tackle each of the critical elements necessary for a successful AHP application, including:

  1. What's changed for 2019
  2. Project readiness and site control
  3. Sponsor capacity
  4. The AHP scoring framework and how applicants lose points
  5. How to demonstrate a project's developmental and/or operating feasibility and need for the AHP subsidy; and
  6. Maximizing your use of the AHP subsidy in your housing initiative.

The training is designed for members and developers of rental and homeownership initiatives, including revolving loan fund initiatives. Ask our knowledgeable staff as many questions as you like during this training. A must for anyone thinking about submitting a 2019 AHP funding application.

Attendance is Limited
Thursday, June 13, 2019
8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
No Charge
Registration deadline: June 6, 2019
Questions? Please contact Paulette Vass.