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Only in situations where the FICO score field (column AP) is not flled, the Borrower Credit Quality field must be filled with a grade between "A" and "D", based on the borrower's credit history in accordance with the following guidelines:

  A B C D
Mortgage Credit Maximum 2X30 past due Maximum 3X30 Maximum 4X30 OR 1X60 Maximum 5X30 OR 2X60 OR 1X90
Other Credit Maximum 2X30 OR 1X60 Maximum 3X30 OR 2X60 Maximum 4X30 OR 3X60 Maximum 4X30 OR 3X60 OR 2X90
Debt Ratio
<50% 50% 55% >55%
Bankrupcy /
Notice of Default
Not in past
five years
Not in past
three years
Not in past
two years
Not in past
Judgment Not Paid <$250 <$500 <$1,000 <$1,500