March 2021

Training Materials for Housing Our Workforce

We host training sessions* to help members step-by-step with the application, enrollment, loan origination, and disbursement processes. Below are training sessions with details about our two homeownership assistance programs, Equity Builder Program (EBP) and Housing Our Workforce (HOW).


This webinar ​explains the program requriements and how to submit an EBP and/or HOW application.

Enrolling Homebuyers

Learn program guidelines and step-by-step online data entry procedures to enroll homebuyers through this webinar.

Requesting Disbursement

Examine program guidelines and step-by-step online data-entry procedures for requesting a grant disbursement in this webinar.

Scheduled trainings

We schedule trainings in the first few months of each year. To see upcoming trainings for this program and other housing and community investment programs, visit here.

Homeownership Assistance Program Comparison

Explore the key differences between our EBP and HOW, our two homeownership assistance programs, through a side-by-side comparison chart on page 2 of the Program Features and Notice of Changes.


Manage Your Application

Find the form or application you need here.

Member Eligibility

View member eligibility guidelines  or contact the program manager.

Procedures + Requirements

Learn the details to help you successfully apply.

*Members participating in our homeownership assistance programs are required to certify that appropriate staff have either attended the training sessions or have completed the pre-recorded versions.