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Our wide array of credit products and secured lending programs help our members support housing finance and community investment throughout the New England communities they serve.  

“The reliable liquidity we provide our members helps them be smarter managers of their day-to-day operations.”

​New Product Offerings

To meet the evolving funding needs of members, FHLBank Boston has developed two new products, the SOFR Flipper and Callable SOFR-Indexed Floater.

​New SOFR Advances:

​SOFR Flipper

Benefit from lower rates than would typically be available by selling the option to cancel the funding prior to maturity. Tailor the maturity, lockout period, and cancellation frequency in this floating- to fixed-rate advance.

​Callable SOFR-Indexed Floater

Secure the benefits of long-term funding with adjustable-rate exposure, while also having the option to prepay without a fee.

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Vermont Homes Get a Lift

By using our housing and community investment programs, members strengthen New England. Find out how one local bank secured a grant from our Affordable Housing Program to renovate an affordable housing community in Vermont, benefiting a single mother and her son.