Safekeeping Services

Acting as your custodial intermediary, FHLBank Boston can help facilitate the transfer and custody of your securities, as well as arrange for the timely collection and crediting of principal and interest payments through our securities safekeeping services.

Using Our Services

  • Executing trades is done with ease through Online Banking. In addition, you can download daily holding statements with market values and projected payment reports and view same-day advices and transaction status.
  • We charge a low flat fee per CUSIP.
  • To provide members additional flexibility to collateralize deposit accounts, FHLBank Boston offers two options for Sweep Repo. Please contact us for additional information.

Delivery Instructions 

For: U.S. T-bills, Notes, Bonds
FHLB, FFCB, FNMA, FHLMC PC's in book entry form
IBRD Bonds & Discount Notes

Delivery Instructions:
Fed Book Entry System
FHLBank customers' institution name and FHLBank safekeeping account #

For: Corporate Bonds & Equities

Delivery Instructions:
DTC Book Entry System
Participant Number: 0908
Institutional Number: 22327
Agent Bank Number: 27601
FHLBank Boston customer’s institution name and safekeeping account number

For: All Physical Settlements (by mail and hand delivery)

Delivery Instructions:
Physical Settlements
399 Park Ave
Level B Vault
New York, NY 10022
FHLBank customer's institution name and FHLBank safekeeping account # 

FHLBank Boston makes no representation, endorsement, or warranty that any pricing data for any securities is accurate, valid or complete, or that the securities data are suitable for any particular purpose.