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Cooperatively owned by New England financial institutions, we provide reliable wholesale funding and liquidity and deliver products and services to our members to help communities thrive. 

“I’m proud to work somewhere that respects its employees and members, regardless of their background."

Succeeding Together

We are committed to making New England a better place to live and do business, and our employees and members are an integral part our success.

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Our Mission

Learn more about FHLBank Boston and how we are fulfilling our mission of providing reliable wholesale funding and liquidity.


Integrity, Reliability, Respect and Excellence are key values at FHLBank Boston.


June 27 Events

Liquidity & Funding Strategies for the Current Environment Webinar

Liquidity management and controlling the cost of funds are still very much front-and-center topics for banks and credit unions. Deposit growth and retention remain challenging, while the inverted yield curve and persistent uncertainty and volatility continue to place pressure on net interest margins and risk metrics. Join us to hear an in-depth analysis of asset/liability management and funding topics and strategies that are top of mind for many banks and credit unions.



Bank Promotes Affordable Homeownership Through Permanent Rate Buydown Program

FHLBank Boston has launched the Permanent Rate Buydown product, which is designed to make homeownership more attainable for lower-income households earning up to 80% of area median income.

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Annual Report

Our Annual Report showcases our strong financial performance and focuses on how our members relied on us to provide reliable liquidity and funding to support affordable housing and community investment particularly during severe market disruptions throughout 2023.

Advisory Council Report

Explore how our members tapped our affordable housing, down-payment assistance, and job-creation programs to enhance the communities they serve. 

A smiling married couple sits on a sofa in the new home they purchased with the help of funding from an FHLBank Boston homebuyer assistance program.
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Our digital magazine features articles on current trends in financial services, legislation, housing and community development, our members, and the products and services we offer our members.