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Stay ahead of the curve, borrow smarter, and support economic development in the communities you serve with strategies and customized funding solutions from our team. 

Andrew Paolillo

Vice President,
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Strategies + Solutions

Preparing for the Fed Pivot

Juggling competing priorities of earnings and liquidity/interest-rate risk is always present, but its importance is that much more magnified when conditions are volatile. Strategize how to allocate assets or structures under various scenarios.

SOFR-Indexed Advance

See how the SOFR-Indexed Advance can be a cost-effective alternative for short-term funding needs and a good tool to balance interest-rate and liquidity risks.

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Identify and Manage Tangible Capital

Declining tangible equity may impact a depository institution's credit status category at FHLBank Boston. Depository institutions can, and should, estimate the impact to their tangible ratio based on given moves in interest rates.

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