Andrew Paolillo

Strategies + Insights

Stay ahead of the curve, borrow smarter, and support economic development in the communities you serve with strategies and customized funding solutions from our team. 

Andrew Paolillo

Vice President,
Director of Member

Strategies + Solutions

Managing Through Excess Liquidity

Explore different ways that loans, deposits, and investments can be used to pare down excess liquidity, and learn how advances can complement the efforts across the balance sheet.

Forward Starting Advance

Flush with cash? See how the Forward Starting Advance can help members lock in a rate today for an advance that settles at a future date, enabling them to hedge against rising rates, prepare for future loan growth, and protect against potential deposit runoff. 

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LIBOR/SOFR Transition Update

The retirement of LIBOR is fast approaching and SOFR is on the rise. Are you prepared? Stay in-the-know on both indexes.