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Strategies + Insights

Stay ahead of the curve, borrow smarter, and support economic development in the communities you serve with strategies and customized funding solutions from our team. 

Andrew Paolillo

Vice President,
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Strategies + Solutions

Advance Solutions for Different Rate Scenarios

Will the Fed continue increasing interest rates? Explore funding strategies that can be used to benefit from the changes in the yield curve.

HLB-Option Advance

Available in a variety of structures, the HLB-Option Advance allows members to borrow at lower rates than would be typically be available by selling the option to cancel the advance prior to final maturity.

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Strategically Optimizing Borrowing Capacity

Knowing the essentials of how the lendable value of loan collateral at FHLBank Boston is calculated can allow members to optimize their balance sheet and better manage liquidity risk across different environments. 

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