Ken Willis

​​Housing + Economic Growth

Through our housing and community investment programs, our members increase affordable housing and promote economic development. 

"We're ready to help address the afforable housing needs of the communities you serve."

Affordable Housing Program

The Affordable Housing Program has led to the creation and improvement of thousands of affordable housing units throughout New England and beyond since 1990. 

Equity Builder Program

This homeownership assistance program enables our members to assist lower-income households with down-payment and closing-cost assistance grants. 

Community Development Advance

Members use this discounted fixed-rated financing program to support affordable housing development, small business lending, and capital improvements. 

Woman and man standing next to each other outdoors in front of their home while holding hands and smiling.

Lift Up Homeownership

One of three homeownership assistance programs that FHLBank Boston offers, Lift Up Homeownership provides members with funding in support of down-payment and closing-cost assistance to people of color purchasing their first home. Funding for this program will be released on May 15, June 3, and June 17.