Grants for New England Partnerships

Through this program, FHLBank Boston partners with members to provide grants to nonprofit organizations that offer critical services to the communities our members serve. Grants have assisted organizations that provide a variety of services, including emergency shelter for homeless individuals, housing for people with disabilities, and hospice care.

How It Works

FHLBank Boston determines which members are eligible to request a grant, depending on the housing and community investment programs in which they participate.*  In many cases, members select to match the grant that is awarded, doubling the impact to the recipient organization. 

For more information, contact Community Development Advance Manager Paulette Vass.

woman standing with an empty plate next to woman who is stirring food in a pan
​​​Employees at Spectrum Youth & Family Services, a nonprofit organization in Vermont that assists at-risk youth and a past beneficiary of Grants for New England Partnerships.

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*In 2019, 24 members received grants based on one of two housing and community investment program “new user” classifications: 1) $2,000 grant for a member with first-time community lending program funding and no previous participation with any program or 2) a $1,000 grant for a member with first-time funding in a community lending program and activity in at least one other program.